Monday, February 10, 2014

Pinterest App

Pinterest came into my life only a couple years ago.  I remember when my cousin first introduced me.  I looked at the computer screen and was overwhelmed with what I was looking at.  But once I figured it out, I decided that it is a GENIUS idea.  A way to categorize and organize ideas and interests.  I would compare it to your FAVORITES on your computer.  You know, if you use a certain website a lot, or if you've found something you don't want to forget, then you would add the webpage to your FAVORITES so it's easy to access later.  Using Pinterest helps you stay MUCH more organized!   Sorry if most of you are feeling like saying DUH to all of this babbling, but I have several friends and family who don't use it and I think they are crazy (you know who you are).  A lot of people are worried about having one more thing to spend time on electronically.  Some people complain that they spend hours on it.  Well, let me just say that of all things to spend time on, I think this is the most useful.  And it's just like anything else on the internet...YOU CHOOSE how much time you spend on it.
Here is what your "boards" might look like:
It is up to you which boards you create to hold all of your "pins" (ideas)
Some of your boards might be "organization", "crafting", "recipes", etc
And then on your home page, it will show you the latest "pins" from the people you follow
All you do is glance through, and if you see something that peaks your interest, you can REPIN it onto one of your boards so that you can refer to it later.  You don't have to go to the actual website and read all about it or anything.  You've simply placed it in a file to look at it later.

Yes, you have followers and you can follow as well, but it's ultimate purpose is not keeping in touch with others or revealing personal information.  It's simply a way to be organized.  So really, it doesn't matter who follows you. 

Ok, so this might all be old news to some of you, and I know a lot of people who might use Pinterest at home on their computer, but you MUST put the Pinterest App on your phone or other mobile device and I'll tell you why:
1. Accessibility - If I am at the store and need to look up a quick recipe for ingredients or the items needed for a craft idea, all I have to do is get into my pinterest app, find the board I need and click on the pin to get my information.

2.  Passes The Time - If I am stuck waiting in line at a store, or at a bus stop, or let's admit it...we all have chosen to read on the toilet, right? Well, pinterest can serve the same purpose.  haha  Seriously though, it's nice to have it on hand for those few minutes here and there with nothing to do.  It's fun to use it looking for new ideas to add to my collection. 

3. Liberty - Many people will confess that they could sit on their computer and be on Pinterest for hours.  Well, the App leaves you free to look at pinterest wherever you may be, which leads to less time sitting in front of the computer. (refer to #2)
If you haven't tried it yet, I hope you can have some fun with it! Stay tuned for my post about how to ORGANIZE your Pinterest. ;)

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