Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Organize Your PINTEREST

Organize your Pinterest?  I know what you're thinking...the purpose of Pinterest is to help you organize all of your ideas, to do stuff & interests, so why do you need to organize IT?

Let me tell you, I LOVE pinterest.  But have you noticed the more you use it, the more the pins pile up on one board and before you know it, you go to look for that Cheesy Potato Wedges recipe you've been dying to try and it takes SO long to scroll through your hundreds of pins that you've pinned to "FOOD".
Here's what I decided works wonders for me:

Tip #1 : BE SPECIFIC. Create boards as specific as you can.  This will save you a lot of time in your searching later! Don't just have a FOOD board, but maybe separate your foods into sub categories, like soups, breakfast, drinks, etc.  Trust me, you 'll be glad you did it. 

Tip #2 :  SMART BOARD NAMES. Create board names that will be easy to find alphabetically.  For example, if we are separating our FOOD board into more specific categories like Salads, Soups, Crock Pot, etc then I would suggest naming them Food - Salads, Food - Soups, etc.  This is because when you go to pin a new pin and need to choose which board it needs to go to, it will be easier to find. All you'll need to do is go to FOOD and all your subcategories will be right there.  I have categories called Fashion- hair, Fashion - skin, Fashion - clothes, or Holidays-Thanksgiving, Holidays-Christmas, etc.  It's saved me!!

So if you are somewhat new to Pinterest and are still creating "boards"...remember those tips!

Here is mine, and you can see my board called "Yummy Food Recipes".  That's what I started out with and it still has a lot of pins in it, but it had way more before I started doing the sub categories under Food - _____.  You can see all of the boards that follow.  I even did boards labeled DESSERTS - cookies/brownies, DESSERTS - cakes, etc
As for those of you who already have a couple thousand pins, it's not too late for you!  Just take a few minutes here and there every now and then to RE-Sort your Pins.  It's now hard to do this.  You just click on a pin that you already have, for example, I found a casserole recipe that could be moved into my FOOD-casserole file.  Click on that little pencil looking icon

It will bring up a box that will allow to create a new board OR, find the board you've already created

Yes, it can get a little time consuming to edit them all, but I swear it will be worth it!! At least make sure all the pins you pin from here on out go into a new board that is more specific. 
Hope this helps you!!
Good luck!!

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