Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stuffed Animals

 Does your child love stuffed animals as much as mine does?  She can never get enough and they were cluttering up her room.  I've seen many cute ways to store stuffed animals, but I decided to go with the wall hanging planters. 
 Her room is pretty small, so I wanted to utilize her wall space.  I got these planters last year, so I can't remember how much they were! You can find them anywhere...home depot, lowes, walmart...or maybe you can be on the hunt in thrift stores or garage sales.  They were black and I spray painted them white to match her room.
 They were the perfect solution for storing the stuffed animals and they also look pretty cute on the wall, so it serves as room decor as well!


  1. That too is an adorable idea! I hate stuffed animals but my kids love them! I asked Nick what he wanted for Valentines Day and he asked for a stuffed animal! I thought we need another one of those like a hole in the head! :) I found these cute boxes from IKEA and each of my kids can fill it up with stuffed animals and we store them on a shelf in the basement. If the box gets too full they have to give some to the DI! I'm so mean!

  2. What are the measurements of the planters? Trying to find something online.


Thanks for sharing!! I really appreciate it!

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