Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Plan

Last year I had SO many things I wanted to get done in my life and around the house and the year is gone and many of them did NOT get done!!! So I vow to not let another year go by without accomplishing all that I can so that I can feel organized. Look at all the benefits of being organized! I will (hopefully) be posting something that I hope to get done ONCE a week and then at the end of that week I will check in and let you know if I got it done or not! I am going to make my journey public because I know I will accomplish more when others are holding me accountable. haha Does anyone want to join me? Start your own blog OR send me your progress and I might post about it. I'm hoping that this not only helps myself, but just MAYBE it might help someone else. Also, I am always open to ideas on how to organize the things on my list, so I hope you will follow my blog and help me get organized! Happy New Year!
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