Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food Storage

I finally started trying to pay attention to my food storage again! Things were starting to pile up, as it was basically a place to put things that I wanted out of sight. ;)  And as the seasons are changing we were trying to get out different clothes, etc...so basically it is a mess in my storage room.  I could barely walk in!  But yay! I got it organized and it feel so good!!  These pictures do not do it justice...I feel like a new person. lol

Food storage is important for anyone...sure it is good to be prepared for a natural disaster, but it also comes in handy if someone loses their job or if your budget happens to be really tight that month!

Do you need to get started on your food storage or do you need to know where you're at with yours?
Basically, follow these steps:
#1  Make a list of all breakfasts, lunches and dinners that you eat on a regular basis.
#2 write down the ingredients that you use in those meals
#3 stock up on those ingredients!!

Simple as that.  That will get you STARTED.  If you finish that and need more long term, then you just need to start grabbing the items that last 30 years...that way you can keep them in your storage and you don't have to use or rotate them.  For example...I have 2 45lb pails of wheat.  Do I use wheat? no, I do not.  But in an emergency, you can eat it like oatmeal or grind it for flour.  I have several huge bags of dried beans...these are super easy to cook if I had to.  Rice lasts 20 years or more and you can buy all the #10 cans of powdered eggs, powdered butter, powdered milk etc that all last 30 years. 

Lastly, make sure you AT LEAST have WATER!!   Each person in your family needs 14 gallons of drinking water for a two week supply.  Just get those 24 packs of water bottles...each one has a little over 3 gallons.
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