The Challenge

I challenge each of you to just take ONE TASK and try to get it completed within a month's time. I think this is a very reasonable, non-overwhelming, way to start! BUT if you are not working and you have all or most of your kids in school, I challenge you to accomplish something in ONE WEEK.
Having a deadline might overwhelm some of you, but I'm the kind of person that needs to have a time frame in mind, or it might never get done! haha  So really, part of setting a goal is setting a reasonable deadline, so this will be good for you. ;)
Please understand that when I say ONE TASK, that this could mean anything from organizing one drawer to organizing one bedroom.  Only YOU can know what you can handle.  No matter how small the task, I promise you are going to feel more organized!

If it would help you to have some direction, you can join in the Organize It Challenge 2014!
I will have a new theme for each month and will post different ideas for things to accomplish within that theme.   To help you keep up, I hope you will FOLLOW me by email (in the right sidebar)  
PLEASE SHARE with me your before and after pictures!  I may even showcase them here on the blog.  We can inspire each other by sharing!

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