Monday, January 9, 2012

Goal Jar

For me, this jar is not for the usual things on "my list". It's for those every day "LITTLE" things that I always mean to do, but don't. I seriously am not a playful mom. I do a lot of cleaning the house or working on the computer, but honestly don't get a lot of quality time in with the kids. I mean to, but don't get around to it as much as I'd like. Everyone's items will be different, but for me, I'm going to put in there the following:

1. Play a game with the kids
2. Sit down and talk with Annika by ourselves (even go out if we can)
3. Call both of my Grandmas
4. Learn a song on my guitar
5. Clean the master bathroom (this is the LAST part of the house to get fully cleaned, sad, but true. sorry for TMI)
6. Read a book to the kids
7. Write a letter to 2 friends I haven't talked to in a while. A real one! And mail it. ;)
8. No computer today until the kids go to bed! (I don't have internet access on my phone)
9. Blog about something deep. ;) not just the fluff on the surface, you know? (hopefully something quite profound haha)
10. Spend 30 minutes scanning old photos
11. Make sure every piece of laundry is put away!
12. Focus on Lance today (wake up early enough to make a lunch, write him a note, spend time together after kids go to bed)
13. Play the piano for 30 minutes
14. Make a treat with the kids (letting them help...patience) and take it to a neighbor
15. Make a play date for Luke (someone else calling me does not count)
16. Read 3 Ensign articles
17. Next time Lance is watching a game, sit down and watch it with him
18. Work on ABC's with Luke
19. Play my flute for 30 minutes
20. Clean off my desk and throw away old bills or scan papers that we want to keep

Some of these things are basic things that I wish I would do more of around the house, but I am excited because most of these things are things that mean a lot to me to spend time on, but I have a REALLY hard time doing them for some reason.

It was easiest to type them up all on one page and then I printed 10 pages. ;) That will give me about 200 days I'll just put them back in when they are gone. And then I was able to cut them easy with my scrapbook cutterThank you Melissa for letting me steal your idea!! But mine did not turn out half as cute as yours. ;) I'm excited to draw my first one tomorrow!


  1. Aubrey, this is awesome!! I love your goals, I am totally going to do this. I'm adding this blog to my reader so I can keep copying your ideas, hehe!

  2. Your jar turned out great! And I may need to steal some of your goals to put in my jar! ;)


Thanks for sharing!! I really appreciate it!

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