Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Boys Baptism Photo Ideas & Tips

Sorry I haven't been around for 3 months!  So much for doing a monthly theme! lol  Gosh, I guess I got busy.  You see, I don't feel like I have many followers, so I try not to let it stress me out if I'm not posting on the blog...especially if I've got other things to do. ;)
ANYWAY, I've been preparing for my almost 8-yr old to get baptized and I searched everywhere for picture ideas, because I was going to attempt his photos myself!! So now that I am finished, I decided I'd add my own ideas out there for people to use. ;)  I will make a post about my daughter's photos soon.  We did some fun things for hers 3 years ago.
I decided to get him a suit.  He grows so fast that I know he will grow out of it, but we found a great deal and I feel like it makes him look so handsome! It helped that the weather was still a little cool, so he didn't get too hot or anything.  I let him pick out a new tie, in which he picked his favorite color red. 
The hard part is getting him to have a more natural smile like the ones above, and NOT like the one below, and I'll tell you my secret.....
 POTTY HUMOR!! I'm sorry, but that's the only thing that would get him laughing.  So go prepared with some potty humor jokes!!! It should get that natural smile out:
 As for backgrounds, I wanted to make sure I got some shots that were a little more "boyish".  I think for that you need a little more urban-like setting.  Cool walls or stairs are always good.
I actually took this next one without him knowing...he was telling me something and looking the other way.  But I like it for some reason...not all the pictures have to be smiling to be perfect.  Let him be silly too!!
Angles from above can be fun too
 We wanted to do a photo to represent that he was turning EIGHT, but I'm not sure I love our 8 fingers one...I hope that's not some kind of gang symbol I don't know about. lol  But then after we finished I told him we could get a treat and he LOVES donuts.  So we went to dunkin donuts and I had the idea to make an 8!! Turned out fun!
 And then lastly, we live close to the Oquirrh Mtn Temple.  So we took advantage and got a couple of shots there.
If you are doing an invitation, it is fun to make sure you get a picture with a lot of open space, like the one of him against the blue wall, because then there is room to put the writing on the photo.  If you don't know how to do this in photoshop, you can put a collage like this together with text pretty easy in www.picmonkey.com.  Here's how it turned out (thought it was a good idea to blur my phone number and part of the address):

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  1. Oh man! We took Nick's pics last night! Wish I would have seen this before! :) He LOVES chocolate donuts, that would have been cute! I'll email you about the details but this is adorable Aubrey! You did a fantastic job! He is a super stud! Congrats Landon! Can't believe you are turning 8 and getting baptized! Times flies! :0


Thanks for sharing!! I really appreciate it!

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