Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little Downton Abbey

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It's funny how this little PBS show, Downton Abbey, has stormed the world!  LOVE this show!  If you haven't yet begun to watch it, you still can, and you will love it.  But don't worry, this post DOES have something to do with my blog.  

This month's theme is "Preserve Your Memories" and as I watched this latest episode from Season 4, the butler Carson had something to say that I felt deserved to be blogged about. hahadownton abbey, downton abbey quotes, preserve your memories, Carson Downton Abbey
Carson received a gift from a friend...a framed photograph of a long lost love.  Despite her love for him, she had chosen another man long ago and he had since found out that she had passed.  His friend thought it might not hurt anything to be reminded of LOVE.  And so Carson thought a moment, and then agreed. He said, 
"The business of life is the acquisition of memories.  In the end that's all there is"

And I thought that was so very nicely put.  There are many definitions for acquisition, but I feel the intended use of the word would be similar to "gaining" or "obtaining".
And so it's true, isn't it?  
Our memories are so important. 
This whole month has been about preserving them.
Creating them. 
Cherishing them.
Keeping them safe. 

My post Preserving Your Memories will give you an update on everything we've covered so far.  Get started today! 

As for Downton Abbey, you can find episodes online here :

And then here is the quote put on images for you to PIN to pinterest if you'd like :)

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  1. You are so wise Miss Aubrey! It must be cause you're getting old! :) Just kidding! My mom and sister LOVE that show too and have been trying to get me to watch it! One day.....maybe after I'm caught up on scrapbooking! HA! I love your idea of photo books. I need to make the past few years on my blog into some. I just wish I were more technically savvy, like you! I guess you really aren't getting old if you know how to do all this crazy stuff on the computer! Hope you are doing well! Love your blog!


Thanks for sharing!! I really appreciate it!

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