Monday, September 30, 2013

EASY shelves for bathroom!!

Once again, this is NOT my idea.  I saw it on pinterest and I was going to give credit to the person who I pinned the idea from, but when I clicked on the pin, it was no longer linked!
I was SO excited to do this because we do not have a lot of counter space and yes, we have drawers, but I must be really lazy because I find it difficult to get hairspray out of the drawer and then put it back in when I'm finished.  These shelves are only $3.99 each from IKEA.  But I don't think they always have them in stock.  I tried to do this a year ago and was so disappointed to find that they didn't have any available! 
You have to put it together when you get them, but it's super easy to do.  No extra tools required.  I plan to paint them a darker color, but it's not happening any time soon, so I decided to just get the post up.  Our counters stay much clearer now.  I'm very happy with them!!

I also bought extra spice racks to make little book shelves for the kids.  My kids like to read in their bed before going to sleep.  The problem is that their books get lost in their beds or they get tossed on the floor.  So these little shelves worked so perfect.  It gives them a place to keep their books that they are reading and they don't get lost!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The enemy of completion

I haven't posted for a LONG time!
50% because it has been a really rough year for me.
50% is because of the above quote.
I am a perfectionist.
And so, I have many ideas ready to post, but can't post if I don't have every picture ready and every piece of instruction detailed exactly right, etc. 
So for those that visit this blog, I'm sorry.
But good news! There should be some posts coming up very soon!
A word of advice from me:
Don't let PERFECTION get in the way of your projects getting finished!
You can get them done!
Just take everything one step at a time.
Good luck!
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