Monday, January 2, 2012

Week ONE

Well, you have to start with a plan, SO my week one assignment is to make a list of things I already know I want to get done...each item will be something that can practically get done in 1 week (without me spending every minute of every day on it)...if it's a bigger project, I will write 'extra weeks' next to it. I've gotten started, even though my list is not done: But it's in a new notebook that I will keep near my desk so that I will be able to add to it all year through. I got myself a fancier notebook...notice the one clear page protector folder and then the inside of the cover also has a folder on it. I keep things there that I don't want to get lost.I will also take some BEFORE pictures of the things I already thought of for my list. Ok, I will report at the end of the week! Is anyone else getting started with me!!??


  1. Love it! I just finished organizing my coupon folder. Sorry no pictures, but I feel accomplished! =) Hopefully this will motivate me.

  2. So I have a system that I have been using the past few months that works well....for me. I would take a pic but my camera lens is being repaired. Anyways, I have a binder with sections and tabs which are all plastic. I have tabs labelled with things like....this week, this month, sometime in the future, church callings, budget issues, home, etc, and then one for each of the kiddos. Then I take (hold on to your seats, this is so fancy) POST IT NOTES and write whatever I need to do on them and stick it in the right section. It can be anything (work on Faith in God with Leona, get a new headboard for guestroom, email photographer about pictures, return items to Old Navy....whatever.) Then I move them if I am accomplishing them this week or today (which is the top page inside). I keep this binder out and open on the kitchen counter and keep it stocked with postits and a pencil. There is SUCH satisfaction in simply ripping off a post it note when it is done! And I try my best to just leave myself 4 or less on the "today" page so I don't get overwhelmed. Then everything stays in one book, is organized and it is easy to toss in a grocery add, or whatever, just set it in or tape it in. Maybe not the most "green" way to keep track of tasks, but it works for me. And I am keeping Post It Notes in business :)

  3. Will send ya a picture as soon as that lens gets fixed or I find my other camera. A picture will make more sense:)

  4. Oh you are motivated! Where do you get the energy! I'm tired just reading your blog! :0 But they are excellent ideas! I have several junk drawers and I need to go through all my kids toys as well! Thanks for the motivation! Keep it up! If you ever run out of ideas or projects, you know where I live!

    I'm all caught up with both blogs! You've been a busy lady!


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