Friday, February 10, 2012

Flower Canvas

I will start by admitting this was not my idea.  Mostly everything I do these days is from Pinterest, and this project is no different. I found this idea here : flower canvas .  I was very excited because Hobby Lobby has a 2-pack of 16X20 canvases for only $7.99.  So this project costed me $4.00 plus a few sheets of scrapbook paper. 
My guest bathroom has had empty walls ever since we moved in.  I knew I wanted to put this in there, so I chose colors to match.  If you look at the post where I got the idea...she painted the canvas first. I chose not to because I liked the white background.  She also shows a good demonstration on how she cut out the flower petals, so check it out. SUPER EASY!  I used Mod Podge to glue down each petal. Using a sponge brush I covered the ENTIRE leaf on the back and when I placed it on, I used a paper towel to rub over the top, making sure every corner was flat on the canvas.  This is the part that takes the longest. The petals that are on the edge just need to be wrapped around the edge of the canvas.
Take care with each petal, making sure it is secure on the canvas. Once you do this with all of the petals, the mod podge needs to be COMPLETELY dry before going over the top of the whole thing, otherwise the paper will start to bubble up.  I would suggest waiting an hour, just to be sure.  Once that time has passed, you can use your sponge brush to go over the entire canvas to give it a more professional finish. 


  1. So so beautiful and professional! Wow

  2. Love it! I liked the one I saw too that uses kids' scribbly drawings. I need to try it out!

  3. It came out beautiful and I LOOOVE your blog :) Thanks for siting me, I'll definitely be back again!
    -Crystal from

  4. That's beautiful Aubrey! You are so talented! I cleaned out a junk drawer the other day and thought of you! :) Hope you are having a great Valentines Day!


Thanks for sharing!! I really appreciate it!

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